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Bio Aura Water Filter System With Nano Technology

Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System is innovative scientific internal Nano water filter system, that can achieve function to clean, outsmart and give energy to drinking water by optimum.

~ Perfect Solution for your needs ~

Nano Advantage Bio Aura's Hi-Tech Water System:

Produce nano based component and have high oxygen content, encourage comprehensive body health.

Content double bio-energy and increase body cells activity.

Nano Size molecules increase nutrients absorption effectiveness.

Enrich water mineral composition for body health.

Eliminate toxin, bacteria, chlorine and metallic element to ensure drinking water safety.

Rid unpleasant smell.

pH Value inclined water to alkaline equivalent with body requirement. Bio Aura water help coordinate pH body acidic.

Ensure beauty and skin fineness and food freshness.

Bio Aura's Hi-Tech Water System Features:

Recognition of quality
World standard materials apply in filter manufacturing.

Friendly-maintenance design
System 'turn and lock' facilitate user change and clean filter.

Easy installation
Spare parts attached for suitabbility tap type at home.

Colored filter closing
Each filter is idifferentiated with different color to facilitate consumer.

Larger filter size
Supply higher content an ensuring effectiveness.

Wide use
Suitable fixed at home, office, factory and restaurant.

Do not use electric
Save energy and cost.

Bio Aura Water can be drink without boiling.

Bio Aura's Hi-Tech Water System Refine Level
6 filter design has own function to supply quality water source.

Filter A : Clean
Design with filter size 0.9 microns to achieve censorship level until 99.999%. Refine and avoid water pollution such as rust, dirt, mud and bacteria.

Filter B : Deodorized
Rid unpleasant smell, colour, sense, detergent and other dirty elements to avoid bacteria growth.

Filter C : Stable and Enrich Mineral
Acitvated Carbon Block fulfills NSF standards and KDF's metallic ion exchanger can refine heavy metal element, chlorine, and chemical pollution, beside control water stability, bacteria and algae. Besides that, resin element on the other hand would soften water molecule and affect to produce mineral materials.

Filter D : Safe
Fulfill to international security standards. Own high absorption function, reliably to absorb or avoid heavy metal element, radioactive materials, chemical substance and insecticide.

Filter E : Energetic
Converter technology energy break water molecule to smaller water cluster effectively which will human body to absorb easily. Moreover, it increases water capacity to supply oxygen in body.

Filter F: Alkaline
Energy stabilizer nano technology maintains and stabilizes internal energy in small size water molecule for a long time. It copes to match more prone water nature to alkaline which is good for human body, accelerate metabolism, activate boy cells to support immunes and detoxification function.

Conversion Period Eash Filter Proposed:

Filter A Exchange after : 1 year
Filter B Exchange after : 1 year
Filter C Exchange after : 1 year
Filter D Exchange after : 3 years
Filter E Exchange after : 3 years
Filter F Exchange after : 5 years

Drinking Bio-Aura Water Able To Help Prevent, Treat and Resuscitate

1.   Helps treat high blood (hypertension).
2.   Helps treat hypotension.
3.   Helps treat pressure (stress).
4.   Helps treat paralyzed (stroke).
5.   Helps treat arthritis.
6.   Helps increase mind ability (chilren).
7.   Helps treat aging and senile.
8.   Helps treating illness Parkinson.
9.   Helps treat skin disease.
10. Helps treat ulcer (skin) and feet skin.
11. Helps treat migraine (bad headache).
12. Helps treat insommia.
13. Helps treat hair.
14. Helps treat fertility and sterile.
15. Helps treat asthma.
16. Helps treat heart problem.
17. Helps treat gastric.
18. Helps treat enteritis.
19. Helps treat uric acid (gout)
20. Helps treat diabetes.
21. Helps treat Hepatitis B and C.
22. Helps treat dysmenorrheal, kinky whiteness and vein. 
23. Helps treat constipated.
24. Helps treat pile and coral.
25. Helps treat cancer.
26. Helps prostate gland.
27. Helps treat kidney and others.

Marketing Programme:
. Brochure
. Internet
. Marketing Booth (Giant, Carrefour, etc)

* Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System provides high quality service guarantee with quality Maintenance Certificate for one (1) year.

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